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The Post that Started It All

I just felt like sharing this. This is the Youtube comment that I wrote, which inspired the creation of this site. I can’t seem to find a way to direct link to the thread itself, but here’s the YT link.


The basic gist of the thread was that Adam couldn’t have gotten away with something like the Bloom rant, in his time on Australian TV, and that the late-night format of The Last Leg is part of why he can. But as you can see, I don’t think it’s really as much about the format as the form and function of the show from its inception.

+speebyda It’s not just the late-night format. This show literally has a yearly event called “Dick of the Year.” “You’re being a bit of a dick” is a tag line of the show. This is the show that implemented the Bullshit button into UK politics. Adam rants like this all the time, because the two main purposes of the show are to highlight those in the spotlight who are treating others like crap – i.e. people who have the microphone but don’t use it to say something – and to encourage the rest of us to “touch the fucking frog!”

In fact, if you watch his stand-up work (like Happyism), you realize pretty quickly why Channel 4 gave him and the boys a permanent Last Leg after the Paralympics, and that they knew precisely what they would end up doing with it. It’s a celebration of being different – whether it’s based on a disability, a disease, a sexual orientation, a political/religious affiliation or just supporting those who are treated poorly for those reasons. People like Godfrey Bloom or Alex Dyke, they think they are in the VIP room, and the rest of us are on the outside staring in longingly. But Adam reminds them that they’re in the cages, the observation rooms, the bubbles, and the rest of us are out here living real lives, dealing with real problems and having to deal with them peddling their pettiness in the world on top of it.

But more than anything, Adam gets away with this because he is one of the most joyous people on the planet; one of the least cynical, least angry, least reactionary people you’d probably ever meet. In many ways, he is the anti-Kinison – and yet he and Sammy would’ve been best buds, no doubt. But because he is so warm and easy-going, if he does tear into your ass, you did something pretty contemptuous.

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