A home for all that is The Last Leg, from the tuba walk to the DBAD rants.

And we’re off…

I debated on putting up a “Coming Soon” splash screen, and then decided against it. I won’t go promoting the hell out of the place until some of the content/design is in place, but if you happen by feel free to observe our construction period… Mind the dust and falling objects.

So how did TheLastLeg.Us come to be? Well I was commenting on Youtube, on the Godfrey Bloom rant – I admit, it’s a favorite… Hmm, we need a way to rate and rank the rants… Note to self…

As I was saying, someone had commented on the video of the Godfrey Bloom rant, that when he was working on Australian TV, Adam couldn’t have gotten away with such a biting and cuss-filled rant. I had a few things to say about that perception, and just why the show works as it does. And while I was writing I was once again struck by how much I wish there was a reliable text and/or video source for all of Adam’s rants. So I thought, maybe I should just put up a page on one of my other sites. And then I thought, maybe I should create an independent page, where we could also put in other favorite parts of the show, and maybe transcripts of some of the boys’ stand-up shows, and maybe link to some of their outside projects (like Leg Up)…

And next thing I know, I’m checking to see if – by some stretch of the imagination – TheLastLeg.com is available. Well, it is! But it costs more than $2000. 🙁 But as it happens, TheLastLeg.us is available, and it’s pretty cheap.

Now I know that the .us is intended for United States based domains – I had to confirm I’m not running a foreign organization when I bought it. But when I first saw it on the list, my mind didn’t read The Last Leg dot U.S.. My mind saw, The Last Leg dot Us, as in all of us, the people this show speaks for and to. And thus, TheLastLeg.Us was born.

On a side note, I also thought there was something lovely in a “United States” domain being used on a site that’s all about a UK television show whose main host is an Aussie.

My first project will be to get adequate security on the comments section – we ain’t dealing with spammy crap. Good old fashioned WP comments, with careful security protocols. I may find a safe way to allow guest comments, but while I’d love every visitor to have a chance to comment, I’m putting up every defense against spam and hackers I can muster.

My second project, is full Rant library – links to the videos online, transcripts, commenting on favorites, my personal comments on most of them, and apparently also a ranking system for members to assess their favorite rants.

Not sure what will come after that, but we’ll see what my brain wrangles. And feel free to offer your own suggestions – after I guard against the evil spambots…

In the mean time, here’s a hidden gem I found on YT today.


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